Me and pictures.

As a nine year old I remember viewing the steamship Caronia. The hull was a striking green. At school the following week, my painting was lampooned – “BOATS DONT HAVE GREEN HULLS”, I was told.

A couple of years later at school, a student art teacher conjured up jungle thoughts . There was no time to finish my painted version, but I still have the feel of it – eyes peeping out through lush vegetation.

Much later, in 2002, after accumulating a photographic record of the 3 Walker children, I had a yearning for colour and light. I remembered the Bill Brandts I had seen in the 60s, and discovered Weston, Strand, Walker Evans, and many others. I fiddled around with many different pieces of equipment.

I found myself looking for abstraction, ambiguity and minimalism.This was even in the travel and more documentary pieces. Subsequently, I tried to paint some of the more abtract images, but found painting a very different process.

Currently I am looking for relationships across images – sequences, short narratives. The more ambitious end of that is book formats. I am working much more in black and white, and starting almost from scratch again in this new website.